About Us

Who We Are

The Salem Health and Wellness Foundation was founded in 2002 for the purpose of promoting the health and wellness of Salem County residents. Headquartered in Salem, the Foundation has made over $50 million in grants, contributions and scholarships to 68 organizations, all with the specific requirement that the funds address health problems in our county.

The Area We Serve

Salem County is New Jersey’s least densely populated county, with an estimated population of approximately 65,000 people. Located in southwestern New Jersey and bordered by Gloucester and Cumberland Counties, Salem County also is separated by the Delaware River from New Castle and Kent counties in neighboring Delaware. Approximately 42 percent of the county’s land is under “active farm cultivation.”

Healthy Kids, Bright Futures Initiative

In 2012, the Foundation established the Healthy Kids, Bright Futures initiative to focus on childhood obesity and teen pregnancy. These health issues were prioritized as a direct result of our planning process, which included comprehensive discussions with nonprofit agencies, schools, service providers, healthcare institutions, parents and teens. The Healthy Kids, Bright Futures initiative reaches into the schools and community based organizations striving to make a difference for children and youth and their families.

Founding Areas of Interest

Since its creation, the Foundation has focused on improving access to healthcare, preventive health care, and improving healthcare career opportunities as its principal areas of interest.

Improving access to healthcare focuses on establishing better access to primary and specialty medical services, working with underserved groups such as the poor and migrant workers. Access can include dental care and behavioral care. Improved transportation systems for patients, support services for caregivers and advocacy initiatives to increase public and private funding to meet local healthcare needs are examples of projects designed to improve access.

Preventive Care can encompass proven techniques for the prevention of accidents, injury and illness. Community screenings, immunizations as well as wellness and fitness programs are of interest to the Foundation.

Career Opportunities will promote the recruitment, education and retention of skilled healthcare professionals in Salem County. While the foundation does not provide direct scholarships to individuals, scholarship and loan programs towards this end, especially through Salem County post-secondary institutions are an area of interest. Programs that offer career training in healthcare professions where a critical shortage of trained personnel can be documented are encouraged.