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Salem Health & Wellness Foundation

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The Salem Health and Wellness Foundation

Promoting the health and wellness of Salem County residents through grants to local charitable organizations, with an emphasis on healthcare and nutrition.

Who We Are

The Salem Health and Wellness Foundation was founded in 2002 for the purpose of promoting the health and wellness of Salem County, New Jersey residents. The Foundation has made over $56 million in grants, contributions and scholarships to more than 50 organizations, all with the specific requirement that the funds address health problems in our county.

Healthy Kids, Bright Futures Initiative

In 2012, the Foundation established the Healthy Kids, Bright Futures initiative to focus on childhood obesity and teen pregnancy. These health issues were prioritized as a direct result of our planning process, which included comprehensive discussions with nonprofit agencies, schools, service providers, healthcare institutions, parents and teens. The Healthy Kids, Bright Futures initiative reaches into the schools and community based organizations striving to make a difference for children and youth and their families.

Grantmaking Programs

The foundation seeks to invest in nonprofit organizations providing services to Salem County that promote health. Each grant we fund must have the greatest possible impact on improved health for individuals in our community.

Teenagers taking group selfie - Healthy Kids, Bright Futures

Healthy Kids, Bright Futures

The Foundation adopted a strategic plan and grantmaking strategy that focuses on children and adolescents. The “Healthy Kids, Bright Futures” initiative will focus on childhood obesity and nutrition, teen pregnancy prevention, and risk behaviors in teens.

Teenagers taking group selfie - Healthy Kids, Bright Futures

Rebound to Resiliency

Everyday, nonprofits are on the front lines providing critical services including housing, jobs, food, education, and healthcare. They work tirelessly with limited resources and few sources of funding and support in the county. The Foundation has become a primary financial support system, second only to the government. This program is currently on hold.

Teenagers taking group selfie - Healthy Kids, Bright Futures


Supporting small-scale programming and events, which align with the interests of the Foundation. These interests include healthy eating, active living, teen pregnancy prevention, risk behaviors in teens and reducing childhood obesity. Examples of some of the activities we will consider are health fairs, adult/children running programs, health educational events, etc.

Teenagers taking group selfie - Healthy Kids, Bright Futures

School Breakfast

The foundation provides mini-grants to schools to promote its School Breakfast program supporting classroom breakfast initiatives in Salem County area schools. Research shows that offering school breakfast improves attendance rates and on-time arrival, test scores and classroom behavior. In addition to improving academic performance, there is evidence that school breakfast programs have the potential to reduce rates of childhood obesity, one of the Foundation’s central goals.

Teenagers taking group selfie - Healthy Kids, Bright Futures

Discretionary Funding Areas

The Foundation funds in the areas of access to healthcare, preventative care and career opportunities in healthcare. Open to organizations classified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code and as public charities, under Section 509(a) of that code. Individuals and for-profit organizations are not eligible for funding.

Latest News

COVID-19 Resources

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SH&WF Announces $5,260,500 in Grants

SHWF has announced $5,260,500 in grant funds to 7 local organizations in the last quarter of 2019, including a grant of $5 million to Salem Medical Center.

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