RFP: Salem Public Health Fellowship

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The Salem Health and Wellness Foundation is seeking proposals for a Salem Public Health Fellowship. This is a new opportunity and is part of the Foundation’s efforts to engage more actively with Salem community partners interested in system improvement and system change projects. The due date for eligible applicants is Friday, March 8th, 2024, by 5:00 pm.  The Foundation will host a pre-proposal conference for applicants for the project and to answer any questions about the Fellowship. The funding amount for year one of this effort will be $50,000, with continued funding contingent on the progress made in the first year.

The Fellowship can address any public health, safety or wellness issue in Salem County. The applicants must have a presence in Salem County and must be providing services and/or supports to Salem County citizens. Additionally, the ideal candidate should the organizational history and capacity to manage complex projects.

The Foundation is seeking applicants who will propose a project that goes beyond an individual program and provides a path towards innovation and change for the purpose of improving outcomes in a way that can be sustained and brought to scale. The organization can add to or supplement the amount committed to the Fellowship. However, all the Foundation’s grant dollars must be spent on the Fellowship. There are also funds to support some of the organization’s administrative costs for the effort.

For any questions, please email Emily Hernandez at .