Foundation provides capacity building training for area nonprofits

Recognizing the need to help local nonprofits help themselves, the Salem Health and Wellness Foundation has committed to a series of training sessions designed to help these organizations build “capacity” so that they can better serve the needs of Salem County residents.

The training sessions, which began on March 13 at PSEG’s Energy and Environmental resource Center, are part of the Foundation’s new Rebound to Resiliency initiative, designed to address a critical need to help local nonprofits remain steadfast in their missions at a time when they are being asked to do even more.

The training sessions are aimed at a cohort of nine Salem County nonprofits that provide a wide range of programs including: homeless services, programs for at-risk youth, disabled services, outreach for the homebound, and a wide variety of others.

Future sessions will be held on April 10th, focused on how to improve fundraising; May 1st, dealing with nonprofit finance; May 29th, on effective program evaluation; June 19th, on strategic and business planning; and September 11th, on board governance.

“Every day, nonprofits in Salem County are on the front lines providing critical services, and they work tirelessly with limited resources,” stated Brenda Goins, executive director of the Foundation. “The Rebound to Resiliency was developed directly as a result of the need expressed by our partner organizations and other nonprofits.”

“The goal is to help these organizations acquire the tools they need to build strong organizations that will continue to meet the vital needs of our society well into the future.”