SHWF & CFNJ Fund New Bancroft Disabilities Wellness Center

The Salem Health and Wellness Foundation and the Community Foundation of New Jersey announced today a grant to Bancroft for $197,548 to establish a Health and Wellness center at its Lakeside campus in Pittsgrove, NJ.

Bancroft, a leading nonprofit provider of specialized services for children and adults with autism, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, and those in need of neurological rehabilitation, received the grant to enhance access to quality medical care for adult residents by bringing medical specialists together under one roof.

In addition, Bancroft will explore the feasibility of expanding these medical services to Salem County families seeking support for their loved ones with disabilities. Using an integrated health and wellness model will better meet the complex needs and challenges of serving this population.

“The foundation is pleased to partner with Bancroft to bring health services directly to clients, increasing their access to care,” stated Brenda Goins, executive director of the foundation.

“Providing medical services for children and adults with special needs can be challenging due to complexities in their needs, behaviors and sensory capabilities,” said Toni Pergolin, President and CEO at Bancroft. “We are so thankful to Salem Health and Wellness Foundation for allowing us the ability to provide extended care to those we serve and support as well as increasing our opportunity to help others in the Salem County community.”

The Health and Wellness Center at Lakeside will provide space to bring medical specialists such as Primary Care, Neurology, Psychiatry, Phlebotomy, Podiatry, Dentistry and others, all under one roof for comprehensive and interdisciplinary care.

Having a medical facility on site also allows for teaching opportunities for those with various disabilities including autism to provide desensitization by mimicking real life experiences before they have an appointment with a medical professional outside of Bancroft.

Renovations are currently underway and the new site is expected to be operational by spring 2016.

To learn more about Bancroft visit or call (800) 774-5116.

Brenda L. Goins
Executive Director
Salem Health & Wellness Foundation
(856) 299-4460

Lori Shaffer
Director of Communications
(856) 324-3246