Mini-Grant Program

The mini-grant program is for small-scale programming and events, which align with the interests of the Foundation and promotes the overall health and wellness of Salem County residents.

Application Guidelines

Organization Eligibility:

  • Organizations must be designated a 501(c)3 or a public agency; and
  • Organizations must have been in existence for at least 3 years; and
  • Organization must be located in Salem County, NJ.

Organizations NOT eligible:

  • Fraternal or sports organizations;
  • Political causes, political action committees, or campaigns;
  • Organizations that are adjuncts to for-profit organizations;

Project Eligibility: The proposed project must have a focus as stated above, must take place in Salem County, and must be open to the public.

This grant cannot fund:

  • Capital expenditures, such as land, buildings, or equipment, or any building, renovation, or remodeling of facilities. Examples include machinery, capital equipment, medical equipment, vehicles, licenses, etc.
  • Deficit reduction/ bad debts, contingencies, fines/penalties, interest payments, litigation costs, or any other comparable financial costs;
  • Contributions to cash reserves and/or endowment funds;
  • Lobbying or attempting to influence federal, state, or local legislation;
  • Fundraising events, activities, and related expenses (e.g., benefits, dinners, etc.);
  • Awards, prizes, or scholarships for use outside the applicant’s programming;
  • Tuition for academic study;
  • Projects benefiting for-profit organizations;
  • Private events closed to the general public and activities restricted to an organization’s membership;
  • Projects of a religious nature designed to promote or inhibit religious belief and/or practice and that have no basic underlying secular theme or topics.

Grant Request: Requests may not exceed $3,000. Awards are limited to one per organization per calendar year. An organization may receive funding for more than one year, but a new application must be submitted each year. Approval of one year of funding carries with it no assurance of continued funding in subsequent years.

Applying for Grant: Requests are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, please follow this link. Allow 30 days for review and determination by the Foundation. The Foundation may contact you during the review process.

Grant Payment Schedule: Grantees will sign an award agreement before receiving the funds. Once approved, grants will be awarded in total.

Acknowledgement: Grantees must acknowledge the grant in all project publicity and materials with the Salem Health & Wellness Foundation logo and statement “[Name of Grantee] is supported by the Salem Health & Wellness Foundation.”

Recordkeeping: Grantees must keep information (including description and photos of the project, press or publicity about the project including use of logo or acknowledgement statement, and financial records) for the final report. In addition, records regarding grant activities and financials should be maintained for at least five (5) years after the project is completed; such records must be available in the event of an audit by SH&WF representatives.

Final Report: A final report will be submitted online. This report will be due 30 days after the project is complete to maintain eligibility for future funding.

All applications must be submitted online –  APPLY NOW.