Mission, Vision & Values

The Foundation’s Mission is to invest in sustainable initiatives that promote the overall health of Salem County residents.

The Foundation’s Vision is to be a financial resource for organizations specializing in servicing the health needs that are deemed to be unmet or underserved.

The basis for any strategy must be supported by a set of values that guide the institution and those who act on its behalf and steward its funds. These values will provide a touchstone for future leadership that should stand the test of time.

We believe in being fair, balanced and honest in our interactions with the public and among ourselves. We are committed to using objectivity as a primary premise for our decision making.

Spirit/Passion for Philanthropy
We imbue all of our deliberations and actions with a spirit and passion for Philanthropy, and endeavor to encourage others to join us in this journey.

Impact Through Collaboration
We recognize that our community cannot thrive, nor can solutions be found to problems unless we form and encourage collaboration among those who can impact change. This value is coveted internally, among our staff and board members and externally among all stakeholders.

We lead with an unrelenting commitment to being a learning and knowledge sharing organization, scanning the field for new and best practices and innovative ways to solving problems, and bringing opportunities to our grantees. Our ear is to the ground, so we can stay current with the challenges and successes of service providers, practitioners and clients and seek their input so they can continue to deliver the highest quality service and access to their constituencies.

Commitment to Excellence
We endeavor to strive for excellence in all of our actions, business operations, stewardship of funds, relationships with stakeholders and nonprofit providers. We hold our grantees to the same standards by insisting they improve their capacities and reach for high performance. We evaluate ourselves and apply what we learn back to improve our practices.

Trusted Partner
We are thought of as a trusted partner and are known for funding quality programs.

Stewardship with Vision
We are mindful of the responsibility and obligation we have to ensure our funds are managed well not just by us but also by the nonprofits we support. With innovation comes risk and we balance each with a deliberative and data based approach.

We value the ability of private philanthropy to serve a unique and ongoing role in our society. The Foundation diligently attends to preserving and enhancing its financial corpus in order to meet the challenges of the future as well as the present.