Areas of Interest

Areas of particular interest to the Foundation include but are not limited to:

Improving Access to Health Care
Proposals that permit broad segments of the population, especially underserved groups such as the poor and migrant workers, better access to primary and specialty medical services, including dental care and behavioral healthcare, are encouraged. Improved transportation systems for patients, support services for caregivers and advocacy initiatives to increase public and private funding to meet local healthcare needs are examples of projects designed to improve access.

Preventive Care
Increasing the availability and utilization of proven techniques for the prevention of accidents, injury and illness are a Foundation interest. Examples of such programs include immunizations, screenings and wellness and fitness programs.

Career Opportunities
Efforts to promote the recruitment, education and retention of skilled healthcare professionals in Salem County are favored. While the Foundation does not provide direct grants or scholarships to individuals, scholarship and loan programs towards this end, especially through Salem County post-secondary institutions are an area of interest. Programs that offer career training in healthcare professions where a critical shortage of trained personnel can be documented are encouraged.