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Our Mission

The Salem Health & Wellness Foundation’s mission is to invest in sustainable initiatives that promote the overall health of Salem County residents. The Foundation’s vision is to be a financial resource for organizations specializing in servicing the health needs that are deemed to be unmet or underserved.

2014 Kids Count Report Released

The 2014 Kids Count Report compares New Jersey’s 21 counties on 13 measures of child well-being, including child poverty, health, safety and education. The Advocates for Children of New Jersey publishes the report. The statistics should be used to inform local, county and state leaders, as well as community organizations, in their efforts to improve the well-being of all New Jersey children.

New Partnership with CFNJ

SHWF and the Community Foundation of New Jersey have established a $51 million fund to dramatically increase spending on health and wellness initiatives in Salem County. Learn More

Improving the Health of our Children

The Salem Health & Wellness Foundation’s Healthy Kids, Bright Futures initiative focuses on nutrition, childhood obesity and adolescent health. The Foundation believes its greatest impact can be made by dedicating funds to influence change in reducing the health disparities of children and adolescents in Salem County. Investing in greatly reducing childhood obesity and improving adolescent health in Salem County is our first commitment to this goal. Further, we believe that we can make the greatest impact by:

  • Promoting innovation through best practices and successful models in both our proactive and responsive grantmaking.
  • Increasing our influence and institutional leverage on behalf of those we serve by playing multiple roles beyond grantmaking.

Rebound to Resiliency

In 2015, as part of its “Healthy Kids Bright Futures” initiative the foundation launched Rebound to Resiliency, a comprehensive capacity building program focused on enhancing the capabilities and leadership of our nonprofit providers and their volunteers. Learn More